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Frequently Asked Questions

Why our events and services?

The events we host and manage are tailored specifically to each client’s brands and preferences. With our services, clients can expect retention, satisfactory cost effective results and over exceeded expectations increasing their overall ROI.

Do our services include Social Media outlets?

In our line of work, we have found the most effective way to assist our clients with guaranteed results is through live events. In conducting live events, our company is able to only guarantee continuous brand growth but also perform long-term acquisition tracking for clients.

Who are our clients?

Our office works with prestigious clients such as global non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies and growth industries.

Are we hiring team members?

Yes! At the moment, diversity sets our company apart from our faces of our future growth. We do not require any specific degree or experience, only those who have the best interest of our people and our clients. If interested in joining our team, we encourage you to email us your resume.

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